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Who are 5RFX?

Since 2021, 5Rivers FX Investments has continuously and consistently served our clients with friendliness and a commitment to succeed. Even as Forex investment marketplaces change and develop, we’ve remained focused on their needs. We embrace the notion that each of our clients has specific goals and a unique investing strategy and trading style within the Forex industry. That’s why we offer personalized professional services to help them maintain a Forex investment portfolio that suits their needs and lifestyle. We combine the latest in trading technology, testing systems and exceptional customer service.


5 Rivers Investments is an opportunity for you to get the help you need in getting you a real, tradeable account of up to 7 figures with a small investment/purchase from a wide variety of Proprietary Funding Firms. 

We are able to pass any Phase 1, Phase 2 or 1 Step-Evaluation challenges with our state of the art technology that will do the hard work for you. You will then be able to start trading with a live account and begin your journey to financial freedom!


Our team has spent countless of hours and thousands of pounds in researching, trialling and implementing our Prop Firm Passing Service, to make sure that it is efficient, effective and sustainable. Alongside passing Prop Firm challenges for our clients, we also provide Forex Trade Ideas for our clients if required. These trading ideas have been formulated based on 2 years worth of consistent testing including the optimisation of strategies to ensure profit for our clients. 


We look forward to working with you

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