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Prop Firm Passing Services

Starting your journey to Financial Freedom


Prop Firm Passing Service

Doing the hard work for you

With our advanced trading systems, we are able to pass your Prop Firm challenges within 24-48 hours per phase. Once we have passed the phase target for you, you will need to place 0.01 trades for the remaining period of time if the Prop Firm requires minimum trading days. Overall, we can make you a funded trader in 10 days if the minimum trading days are 5 per phase. 

Currently, we can pass the following Prop Firms for you: 

Next Step Funded
The Funded Trader (Phase 1 Only) 
Rocket 21
Prosperity FX

Keeper Funded


Buy Now Pay Later!

Showcasing our transparency and honesty for our clients

We offer a service no one else offers, putting us miles ahead in terms of transparency and honesty backed by true results. As you are aware there are many companies/groups that will take a fee upfront and not care about passing the account because they have received their pay. Others might take the payment and block you. Some have been known to post fake testimonials and fake results on their pages. At 5RFX we want to stand out from the rest.

We offer something that no one else does, which is the opportunity to have your phase 1 passed before any payment is made to us. Once your phase 1 is passed, we will contact you for payment and upon confirmation will begin phase 2 once you provide us with the login details.



100% pASS guarantee

We also offer a full refund for both the challenge fee and the cost of the challenge itself should we fail to deliver. You virtually have nothing to lose. If your challenge fails to pass you will receive all your money back. 

You get a full refund, this includes the money you paid for your challenge and also the fee you provided to us. This is how certain we are on our methods.

We will process this immediately, no wait time. We expect transparency between ourselves and clients to maintain a healthy and trustworthy relationship with all clients.

Payment Methods

Fiat & Crypto

We accept a number of payment methods, please see below:




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